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Gilroi Construction is inspired by the desire to provide the highest quality craft, service and efficiency. Our unique team always strives for excellence while integrating progressive building concepts, technologies, and tools. Based on these core ideals, Gilroi Construction has shaped its identity and vision to provide premium service, quality execution and a stress free experience that brings your dream home from concept to reality . Each home is a unique and inspired design, modeled using our 3D software tailored to your dreams , leaving no detail unattended. Our construction blueprints and supporting documents are always clear and extremely detailed. Each plan considers the client’s lifestyle, local building codes and principles of good design. Our vast experience in design, allows for a cohesive and practical creation, down to the very last detail. We pride ourselves in our ability to come up with innovative solutions that work. We see a difficult building site as an opportunity to express our capabilities in both the design phase and the construction phase.

Who We Are


During our initial meetings, we will discuss your specific needs, evaluate the site conditions, review and discuss your desired style and preference to better understand your vision and program. Our Designers will then work together to integrate the exterior and interior aesthetics and functionality of your home while seeking to maximize basic needs such as storage capacity and utilizing the space to its maximum Our design team will work with you throughout the interior design process to ensure we incorporate your overall vision, specific space planning requirements and desired look and feel of the home before selecting finishes. We will work closely with your budgetary guidelines. We deliver drawings and sketches of proposed floor plans with details, elevations, perspective, and floor plans, to assist in your decision- making. Once you approve, we will proceed to prepare plans for permit submission and for tender pricing. We will follow the permit process from submission to issuance and throughout the construction phase as needed. We understand the building process and know how to navigate through the complex city departments and requirements . We create designs that are timeless, beautiful and of the highest quality and uniquely tailored to your dreams.


We are an award winning licensed team that understands the complexity of construction, the importance of budgetary guidelines, timelines and efficiency. We stride to build your dream home to your fullest satisfaction and to ensure a smooth and cohesive build. Only premier trades are invited to partake in the project. We ensure all our trade partners are always aware of our expectation for excellence and the highest standard of work always. We are confident in our team and know that they will always deliver excellence. Our project supervision and management team ensure we are progressing as per schedule and target and communication is transparent throughout. Transparency is our main objective in managing your project. Ongoing progress reports and financial reports are available throughout the process. We pride ourselves in affordable high-quality workmanship for the best possible results. Work one on one with us through the entire building process for a stress-free experience.


To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers. Our mission is to perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive prices. Gilroi Construction is built on quality and service. Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations and to build long-term relationships that excel during the build process. and long after. Some people say they offer the convenience of design/ build service, but we live it with both teams in the same building working together throughout your project to ensure everything designed reflects in reality. Excellent Craftsmanship and a Stress-Free Process The homes we design, and build are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely well-built. There is no one better to manage the construction of your home than the very firm that designed it.


Every step along the way, from project inception to closeout and long after, we keep the lines of communication open. You can expect utmost transparency throughout the entire process . We will be issuing ongoing reports of both construction scheduling, budgeting & progress and encourage you to visit the site throughout the build .


Every home built by Gilroi Construction is covered by a 10-year warranty program provided by National Home Warranty. This coverage is approved under the BC Homeowner Protection Act that includes the following protection:

  • 2 Year coverage for materials, workmanship, and major systems
  • 5 Year coverage for the building envelope
  • 10 Year coverage for structural defects
National Home Warranty

Our Services

Assistance with site selection

Full interior design services

Full construction services from start to completion and beyond

Realtor selection ( for spec homes)

Architectural design

Project management and scheduling

Assistance with permit process

Staging and coordination ( for spec homes)


We used Gilroi construction to build our family home in Vancouver. Ruth and her team worked tirelessly to make sure everything was done professionally and as quickly as possible. They were very accommodating and tailored our design meetings to suit our busy schedules as we both work full time.

Stephen S, Homeowner


We would recommend Gilroi to anyone wanting to build a quality home and they can feel confident that Ruth and her team will deliver a quality product that they can enjoy for years to come.

Ruth W, homeowner

It was a pleasure to work with Ruth.  She is creative, energetic and gets things done. 

J & W, Homeowners


Ruth's on site management is superb. Her attention to detail allows us to do our best

Jason, Stucco and building envelope trade

Have been working with Gilroi Construction for several years now. We appreciate the way they manage their job sites- they are always super clean and orderly. Any problem that arises, gets resolved on the same day - making our installation a lot smoother and efficient.

David, Tile trade

Ruth and her team did a fantastic job for us. The designers created spot on layouts which met our needs resulting in minimal back and forth. This helped us keep to our right timing. We loved the interior design suggestions and Ruth’s team of contractors were top notch and good value. Her strong project management meant that work was done on time as promised and any issues were dealt with right away. Highly recommend!

Tracey S - Homeowner

Pleasure to deal with! Nice quality homes from start to finish. Well Organized and any problems are resolved within the day!

Pali, Framer

We were very happy with Ruth’s attention to detail and her excellent design ideas. She was a pleasure to work with and our beautiful home is a testament to her talent and hard work.

R & S, Homeowners

Professionalism and the finest qualities you will find with Ruth and Gilroi Construction. Courteous and friendly are just two words out of many that sum up Ruth and her company.

Gurlal , Account Manager - Dicks Lumber

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